Today I came across a challenge within Jira trying to automate labels from my Epics to their child issues (similar to this post). I knew this should be possible within the data model. …

I was first introduced to Arianna Huffington at Dreamforce 2014 as she gave a keynote speech. Since that time I began to follow her, not because I agree with everything she says, but as an ENFJ, in a true diplomatic-type approach, I seek to understand the value of different opinions.

One thing you can count on every four years, besides Feb 29th, is Americans obsessively and naively talking about politics; many of which for the first time. Politics are like the messy bedroom of a teenager, you want it functional and clean but you want to pick your battles so…

Nick Worth

Web Developer who enjoys what I do, and loves to share what I know. Life's too short to be too busy.

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